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Missouri auto insurance can be challenging for the average person to understand. Many auto insurance policies written in Missouri are full of terms and conditions that may be difficult to decipher. When consumers take the time to educate themselves about auto insurance in Missouri, they benefit from this knowledge to make sure they get the coverage they need at a price they can afford.

Use the information gathered here to help make an informed decision when choosing a provider and policy for your Missouri car insurance.

Why You Need Missouri Auto Insurance Coverage

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and injured or killed someone, or damaged their property, under Missouri state law, you are legally responsible for paying damages. If you are unable to pay for them, you will be facing some serious consequences, including:

  1. Loss of Driving Privileges
  2. A Criminal Record
  3. A Jail Sentence

Since most people would be hard-pressed to pay these costs out of their own pocket, they buy auto insurance to protect themselves from this type of financial loss. Insuring your vehicle properly also protects potential accident victims, as well. It’s one thing to have a judgment handed down, but if the at-fault driver can’t pay, then it doesn’t do the injured person or their family any good.

Missouri Car Insurance: Choosing Your Level Of Coverage

When you are thinking about buying auto insurance in Missouri, you need to be sure that you have an adequate level of coverage to protect your assets. Most people don’t need to worry about having too much insurance; it’s more likely that they will be underinsured. Asking the following questions can help you figure out how much insurance you need:

  1. Can I afford to lose my vehicle if it were damaged or stolen?
  2. How much would it cost to replace?
  3. Do I have the resources to pay for another person’s injuries or damage to property?
  4. How would I raise the money to pay a judgment handed down against me?

Finding A Missouri Auto Insurance Agent

When you consult with an insurance agent, you are working with someone who can help you understand different policy provisions and help you choose the right insurance for your needs. Your agent can also help you if you need to file a claim with your insurance company. Part of the services they provide is to take steps to make sure that your claim is dealt with promptly and in a fair manner.

Any one working as an insurance agent in Missouri must be licensed by the state. In order to be licensed, they must pass an exam designed to measure their understanding of insurance matters. You will want to ask the agent you are considering whether he or she is currently licensed in the state.

One way to find an insurance agent is to ask your family, friends, and coworkers who they deal with. Chances are good that if the people you know are happy with their agent, then you will be too, but there is nothing wrong with consulting with agents from a few different companies before choosing one that you feel comfortable dealing with.

Missouri Auto Insurance Policy Basics

An insurance policy is a legally binding contract, and you need to understand what are getting before you agree to buy coverage. Read the policy over carefully and don’t hesitate to ask questions if there is something you don’t understand. If the agent isn’t able to give you the answers you need, you can contact the insurance company directly or ask the Missouri Department of Insurance for help.

Your policy can be broken down into the following parts:

  1. The Declarations Page
  2. The Insuring Agreement
  3. Exclusions
  4. Conditions

The Declarations Page gives you an overview of your policy. It includes information about the amount of the policy limits, the type of coverage you have bought, when the policy takes effect, and when the term of the policy ends.

The Insuring Agreement lists what the types of losses the policy covers and indicates that the insurance company will pay for legal fees incurred in defending a lawsuit brought as the result of an accident.

Be sure to check out the Exclusions to educate yourself about what your auto insurance does not cover. It will likely include things like deliberately damaging your own vehicle, damages caused by parking lot or garage employees, and other drivers in your household who are not covered under your policy. Your agent can help to clear up any exclusions that you don’t understand.

The Policy Conditions explain your duties and responsibilities if there is a loss. It may include the following:

  1. Report the Incident to Your Insurer Promptly
  2. Take Reasonable Precautions to Avoid Causing More Damage to Your Vehicle
  3. Cooperate With the Insurance Company
  4. File a Proof of Loss Form
  5. Send Copies of All Documents Relating to Legal Actions to the Insurer

If you do not comply with the policy conditions after a loss, the insurer may not provide coverage for any claims made under the policy. If you are in an accident, read the policy conditions carefully to make sure that you are fulfilling all of your obligations.

Missouri Auto Insurance: Other Parts Of Your Policy

Your MO car insurance policy may also include one or more endorsements. These are changes made to your policy. Any endorsements will be put in writing and attached to your policy. You may also find any relevant endorsements sent to you with your renewal notice.

If the amount you are to pay for your Missouri auto insurance is changing because you have made a claim for an accident under your policy, then you will be notified of this fact in writing. Your insurer is required to spell out exactly why your premiums are increasing and the dollar amount or percentage that it is going up. This is a legal requirement set by the state of Missouri.

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